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Garden Grown

We notice that largely in our culture people think their food is someone else's responsibility until it’s on their plate. We feel differently and really hope to share that feeling with everyone that visits our land. We most especially want to teach it to our children and grandchildren - the importance of knowing where real food comes from. To know how it’s produced and to be thankful for the many hands that touched it along the way.

We love to bring the kiddos into the process of gardening with us, giving them jobs so we are all working together to grow and harvest. Generally the jobs they do are pretty simple - they are often digging holes and dropping in seeds. How exciting for the little ones to drop in a radish seed and just a few days later see it sprout up out of the ground. They get healthy dirt under their nails and we all get to spend awesome time together. It shows the children that we trust them to do good work and gives them autonomy and confidence to work along side us with their own responsibilities.

And when that radish is ready to be pulled up out of the ground, rinsed off and bitten into - they get to see the full cycle. To savor what real food tastes like and to be nourished with nutrient dense food.

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