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Anti Starch Hoof Saver Recipe

We practice completely natural hoof care with our five horses. They eat primarily grass and hay (if the season calls for a supplement) and are trimmed every six shoes ever. And while their diet and free ranging generally keep their hooves healthy and thriving, when our grass starts producing starchy seed heads at the end of Spring (an absolute favorite of our horses) their hooves begin to suffer. When the seeds are out in full force, our horses won't even spend time eating anything else, grass ignored. That sugary starch and the damage it will cause can however be countered with the right mix of yeast/minerals to balance them out in the body. Below is our recipe borrowed from our natural hoof care specialist.

2 1/2 pounds of either a 12:6 or 18:9 mineral Calcium:Phosphorus

2 1/2 pounds of Diamond V yeast

2 1/2 pounds Livestock salt

1/2 up to 1 pound of rice bran to sweeten

Mix very well and free feed in a covered trough. The horses will eat it right up, however if they gobble it too fast use less Rice Bran. This recipe lasts our small herd roughly 1 week.

*Ingredients prior to mixing

*Consistency after mineral is all mixed together.

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