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Our Feathered Watchdogs

One of our ponds is run by two pairs of American Buff Lavender Geese. They are elegant and beautiful, especially in the water. If you walk down our lanes, you will almost certainly set off their alarm and may find yourself being chased by outstretched wings. While their personalities can be polarizing (geese are very protective and loud) they do hold a very special place in our hearts.

One of our ladies, Lilac, currently has what we believe is an inflamed tendon in one of her legs, and hobbles on one foot. She is starting to use the injured one again in the water, and we hope she continues to improve. The other geese seem to be aware of her struggle, and often stand in front of her.

We got many eggs last year, but no goslings...hoping the ladies are broodier this time around. We want fuzzy babies trailing behind our four.

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