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Thou Mayest...

Welcome to Timshel, a regenerative farm nestled in the piney woods of East Texas, on land that is beautiful, diverse and giving. Our family calls this place home and we share it with our dogs, cats, horses, chickens, geese and cattle, as well as visitors (both human and wild alike.) We grow a variety of produce in our gardens and orchards, and we raise wildflower honey, wandering chickens and cattle who live their whole lives in lush fields. As students of the land and the past, we know that everything begins with healthy soil.


We believe in hard work, the rhythms of nature, and the wonder all around us. Our everydays are filled with the tangible and intangible satisfaction we find at being connected to this place, our family, and God's design. We love our way of doing life.


Healthy land, Real food, Full hearts.

“Our lives and work here are not about ourselves, but instead the good of the created order.  We have a unique and critical role to play, however small it may look to us, in fulfilling God’s purposes for the world.  In doing this work, we hope to truly find our purpose.” - Hugh Whelchel, A Biblical View of Dominion: Stewardship

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