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The Timshel Foundation was founded in 2018 and exists for the purpose of furthering our beliefs into actionable change in our community and around the world; To take the practices of our daily lives and expand them to impact more than just ourselves.


The Timshel Foundation advocates for three main areas:


To increase regenerative agriculture awareness through:

- Education on the sequestration of carbon from the atmosphere into the soil where it belongs. Especially through rotational grazing and proper livestock management.

- Promotion and protection of biodiversity firstly in the soil and subsequently throughout the farm.

- Production of truly healthy protein for human consumption.

- Assurance of design appropriate lives for all livestock. Allowing them to live full and happy lives in their intended environment.

- Capturing as much rainwater as possible and assuring that any runoff water is clear and clean.


To fight food insecurity in the US and other countries through:

- Support of urban farmers

- Support of global programs that empower small land holders to diversify agriculturally and improve their individual and their community’s lives.

- Support of Food Banks, and encouraging them to improve the quality of the food that is distributed.

- Understanding that in many parts of the world, livestock is the only farming that is possible, thus the only way for those populations to feed themselves.


To reconnect people with traditional and whole foods/nutrition through:

- Support of programs that educate about whole foods, home preparation of food, eating seasonally, shopping from local farmers.

- Support of programs that address the many food untruths that exist in our culture.

- Support of the understanding that ultimately all life depends upon healthy soil.

Resources We Love


Alan Savory TED Talk 2013

White Oak Pastures

Books by Wendell Berry
Food, Inc (Film)
The Biggest Little Farm


World Vision Thrive Program

BonTon Farm

Local Food Banks

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